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Project participants

The members of the project consortium

CEALogo of CEA


CEA is a technological research organization funded by the French government. Drawing on its excellence in fundamental research, CEA activities cover three main areas: Energy, Information & Health Technologies, and Defense & Security.

  • Carlo Reita (coordinator)
  • Maud Vinet
  • Luca Perniola
  • Christian Gamrat
  • Elisa Vianello
  • Olivier Bichler
  • Fabien Clermidy



ST MicroelectronicsLogo of ST Microelectronics


STMicroelectronics is one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies with net revenues of US$ 7.40 billion in 2014. Offering one of the industry’s broadest product portfolios, ST serves customers across the spectrum of electronics applications with innovative semiconductor solutions by leveraging its vast array of technologies, design expertise and combination of intellectual property portfolio, strategic partnerships and manufacturing strength.

  • Dominique Thomas
  • Andreia Cathelin
  • Philippe Galy



Logo of IMEC

IMEC Belgium


IMEC performs world-leading research in nano-electronics and nano-technology in global partnerships in ICT, healthcare and energy in order to deliver industry-relevant solutions.

  • Wolfgang Eberle
  • Francky Catthoor
  • Valentina Terzieva
  • Soeren Steudel



Stichting IMEC NetherlandsLogo of IMEC


Stichting IMEC Nederlands is part of IMEC international.

  • Anup Das
  • Bert Gyselinckx



IBM ZurichLogo of IBM Research Zurich


Established in 1956, the Zurich Research Laboratory of IBM represents the European branch of IBM Research. Here scientific and industrial research is conducted in five scientific and technical departments, in particular in the Science & Technology department.

  • Jean Fompeyrine



CNRLogo of the IMM lab at CNR


The Italian National Research Council (CNR) participates to the project with the Unit of Agrate Brianza (MDM Laboratory) of the Institute for Microelectronics and Microsystems (IMM). The Laboratory has a solid expertise in the area of synthesis and characterization of advanced materials and technologies for logic and non-volatile memory devices, including resistive switching devices (RRAM), phase change memories, memristive devices for emulation of synapses, nanowire-based devices, and advanced nanopatterning tools based on block copolymers.

  • Sabina Spiga
  • Stefano Brivio





The Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) ("Spanish National Research Council" in English) is the third largest public institution dedicated to research in Europe. Its main objective is to develop and promote research that will help bring about scientific and technological progress.

  • Bernabe Linares Barranco
  • Teresa Serrano Gotarredona
  • José Manuel de la Rosa Utrera
  • Luis Alejandro Camuñas Mesa
  • Charanraj Mohan



UZHLogo of UZH


The University of Zurich (UZH) is one of the leading research universities in Europe, devoted to both scientific research and teaching. The UZH team members belong to the Institute of Neuroinformatics (INI), a joint institute of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHZ) and the University of Zurich (UZH). Its goal is to carry out experimental, theoretical and applied research with the aim of discovering key principles by which the brain is built and works, and to use this knowledge in practical applications where possible.

  • Giacomo Indiveri
  • Ning Qiao





Jacobs University Bremen, Germany’s only private university with a full range of disciplines (from the natural sciences, engineering, the social sciences and the humanities), has quickly gained a reputation as a model implementation of the anglo-saxon university in Germany.

  • Herbert Jaeger
  • Fatemeh Hadaeghi
  • Xu He