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ESSDERC 2016 Workshop

Technology and architectures development for Brain Inspired Integrated Circuits
When Sep 12, 2016
from 09:00 AM to 05:30 PM
Where Lausanne, EPFL
Attendees Organizing committee: C.Reita (CEA, France), J.Fompeyrine (IBM-Zurich, Switzerland), S.Spiga (CNR, Italy), G.Indiveri (INI, Switzerland), B.Linares Barranco (CISC, Spain), F.Catthoor (IMEC-NL, Netherlands), H.Jaeger (Jacobs University, Germany), D.Thomas (ST, France)
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The workshop, organized by the EU H2020 program NeuRAM3, will bring together speakers from different EU and International programs and groups involved in development of neuromorphic electronics in order to present and discuss the recent advances on the subject. Different approaches to implementing synaptic devices, neurons as well as different circuit architecture implementations will be illustrated. The objective is to have a review of the state of the art in implementation of brain-inspired circuits and offer a meeting point between the device and design communities. In order to stimulate the exchange, at the end of the presentations, a Q/A session of 1h will give the possibility to the audience to ask a wider and across the field set of questions to the speakers and express more point of views.


09.00-09.10 Welcome and Introduction – C.Reita (CEA-LETI)

Part 1 – Chair Jean Fompeyrine (IBM – Zurich)

09.10-09.40 Prof. Luping Shi (Tsinghua University, China) (title to be confirmed)

09.40-10.10 Prof P.Bientsman (University of Ghent, Belgium) “Photonic Reservoir Computing using Silicon Chips”

10.10-10.40 Prof. ByoungHun Lee (GIST, Korea) “Neuromorphic hardware development in Korea”

10.40-11.00 Coffee Break

Part 2 – Chair Dominique Thomas (STMicroelectronics)

11.00-11.30 Dr Geoff Burr (IBM – Almaden, USA) “Neuromorphic Technologies for NextGeneration Cognitive Computing”

11.30-12.00 Prof Shimeng Yu (Arizona State University, USA) “Scaling-up resistive synaptic arrays for neuro-inspired architecture: challenges and prospect”

12.00-12.30 Dr Julie Grolier (Thales-CNRS, France) “Brain-inspired computing with ferroic nanodevices”

12.30-13.45 Lunch Break

Part 3 – Chair Sabina Spiga (CNR)

13.45-14.15 Prof Yusuf Leblici (EPFL, Switzerland) “Design and Co-integration of Memristive Crossbar Arrays with CMOS R/W Access”

14.15-14.45 Barbara De Salvo (CEA-LETI, France) “Taking inspiration from the brain to design neuromorphic circuits based on novel technologies”

14.45-15.15 Prof Giacomo Indiveri (INI-UTH, Switzerland) “Distributed heterogeneous memory structures in multi-core neuromorphic computing architectures”

15.15-15.45 Soren Steudel (IMEC-NL, Netherlands) “"Reconfigurable neuromorphic synapse interconnects with TFT" Break

16.00-17.30 Open Discussion – Animation S.Spiga (CNR) and H.Jaeger (Jacobs University)


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