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Contributions to workshops

Slides summarizing the project results presented at NeuRAM3 workshops

ESSDERC 2016 Workshop Presentations

Slides presented at the Workshop: Technology and architectures development for Brain Inspired Integrated Circuits, held at the 2016 ESSDERC symposium in Lausanne, Switzerland

ESSDERC 2016 Workshop Presentations - Read More…

ST Crolles 2017 Neuromorphic Computing Workshop

This workshop was initiated to present the preliminary results of NEURAM3, 18 months after the start of this project. This event was also an opportunity to discuss more widely on the topic of Neuromorphic Computing, beyond the frame of NEURAM3, and was open to a panel of EU experts. More than 45 participants attended the workshop.

ST Crolles 2017 Neuromorphic Computing Workshop - Read More…